Solectric 15 with 2 lights

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Orb’s range of Solectric 15 plug and play systems provide very bright light, generating more than 150 lumens per light on the brightest setting, while consuming only 1.5 watts each. Each light comes with three settings to allow our customers to adjust the light to their precise needs. These systems also come with mobile phone charging and 2 numbers of 1.5W LED lights.  This product is approved by Lighting Global.
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Product Specifications

Recommended for (individual, household, community) Indoor use only for individual and household
Uses Micro processor controlled circuit gives full protection for PV, battery and loads
Battery Type 12.8V, 1.6Ah, LiFePO4 (With built-in battery management system (BMS)
Runtime 1.5 LED lights x 2 nos - 4 hours
1 mobile x 2 hours (Day use)
Power Source 5Wp poly crystalline solar panel - 1 nos. (2 core 20 feet cable with 2.1mm phono socket)

Supplementary Specifications

This product comes with: 1 no. - 5Wp poly crystalline solar panel (2 core 20 feet cable with 2.1mm phono socket)
2 nos - 1.5W LED light (comes with 2 core 10 feet cable with RCA plug)
1 no. - Console unit with battery
1 no. - Mobile phone charging adaptors

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Product Certifications

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Meets Lighting Global Quality Standards

1 year manufacturers warranty

Orb Energy and its authorized channel partners, warranty that for a period of 1 (one) year from the date of the customer's invoice, its product shall be free from defects resulting from poor workmanship, faulty materials or defective construction. This warranty does not extend to mobile phone adapters, grid chargers, cosmetic damage or exterior finish and damage to LED's, switches, control panels, plastic parts and styling due to handling. Further this warranty does not apply if the original serial number is deleted, defaced or altered.
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