Polaris FM/AM radio with flashlight and mobile phone charger

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Lifeline Technologies Trading Ltd.

The solar and wind-up Polaris is a radio, flashlight and a mobile phone charger, designed for families or small groups. A portable and tough rubberized radio, it delivers essential, life-saving information in humanitarian emergencies.

When disasters strike, people need information. They need to know what to do and where to go to get help. They need contact with the outside world.  A flashlight/torch provides light at night.  It also has a cell charging feature which enables a phone to be topped up. 

The Polaris is an essential item for families in an emergency or disaster.   


Multiband radio

  • FM/AM

 Polaris radio can be charged via

  • Solar panel
  • Wind-up dynamo 
  • DC power


·         1W LED light

        Mobile phone charger: provides enough charge to make a call or send an sms

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Product Specifications

Communication Tech
Battery Type 300 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery
Power Source Solar panel: Integrated 0.15 Watt polycrystalline solar panel with epoxy encapsulation
Hand crank: Direct drive spur gear transmission driving a high power 3-phase alternator with high efficiency reticulation
External power: AC/DC recharge with 2,5
Size Height = 60 mm
Width = 128 mm
Depth = 45 mm
Weight (lbs) 0.61 lbs
Lumen Output 1W LED light

Supplementary Specifications

Speaker 0,5W 8 Ohm speaker
Antenna FM: telescopic antenna
Frequencies FM 88-108 Mhz
AM 520—1710 kHz

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