FC2 Female Condom

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*Product not available for bulk shipments to the US.* FC2 is a soft, smooth and strong condom, made from a synthetic material (nitrile), which is worn inside the vagina. It’s a transparent sheath that is 17 centimeters or about 6.5 inches long, with a flexible inner ring and a rolled outer ring. The inner ring, at the closed end of the condom, is used to insert FC2. It also holds the condom in place during sex. The larger outer ring, at the open end of the condom, remains outside the vagina. FC2 is a dual protection method. Testing has shown that FC2 is a safe and effective method for preventing unintended pregnancy and STIs, including HIV and Zika.

• FC2 lines the vagina and covers the cervix. It holds sperm after ejaculation, preventing unintended pregnancy, and acts as a barrier to viruses and bacteria that cause STIs, including HIV.

• FC2 also provides extra protection against STIs by covering the woman’s external sex organs and the base of the penis.

• FC2 is non-allergenic and a great option for men and women who have an allergy to latex.

• FC2 is as effective as other barrier methods when used correctly and consistently.

• FC2 can be used by women who are: menstruating, pregnant, pre or post menopausal, and by women who have recently given birth or had a hysterectomy.

• Each FC2 female condom is tested electronically to assure quality.

• FC2 has been tested to ISO 10993 which includes tests for biocompatibility, cytoxicity (destructive action on certain cells), mutagenicity (causing cell mutation), sensitization, irritation and systemic toxicity (potential adverse effects on the body’s organs and tissues).

• FC2 female condom meets high quality standards set by international health agencies like FDA and WHO.

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Product Specifications

Medical & Wellness
Contents 1 sachet contains 1 FC2 Female Condom
Material The FC2 Female Condom is made from nitrile, a synthetic material. It has a flexible inner ring made from polyurethane and a rolled outer ring. The FC2 is lubricated on the inside and outside of the condom with a non-spermicidal, silicone-based lubric
Size The FC2 Female Condom is a transparent sheath that is 17 centimeters (about 6.5 inches) long.
Weight (lbs) One sachet with a device weighs about 10.5 g - 0,023 lbs

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Product Certifications

Name Document
FDA Approved FDA approval FC2.pdf
WHO Approved WHO prequalification FC2.pdf

Supplementary Certifications

Name Document
SABS SABS certificate FC2.pdf
TGA TGA certification FC2.pdf
UNFPA UNFPA prequalification FC2.pdf
CE CE certificate FC2.pdf


Name Description Document
ISO standard applicable to female condoms: ISO25841:2014 ISO25841:2014 No Document

Internal Tests

Name Document
Our product complies with ISO25841. FC2 Specification.pdf

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