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The skySAR system is a unique, cloud based platform that enables the launch of the Easy Aerial EA700XL Pro drone from a remote location. The drone takes-off automatically and autonomously, performs a pre-planned mission and returns to safe landing using a precision landing mechanism. The mission is planned and controlled using the Global ARC cloud-based software. The skySAR launch pad is an all-weather housing that guards the drone from environmental conditions keeping the drone dry and ready for long periods of time waiting to be called to action. Charging technique: the skySAR launch pad has its own battery that is charged either through the electric grid or using solar panels. The base of the launch pad has contacts for the drone landing gear through which the drone battery is charged. The mechanical part of the positioning system of the drone inside the housing is an Easy Aerial patent (PATENT 62/427,512[US]). Communication: The commands to skySAR (to open and launch the drone) is available through radio communication, cellular communication or satellite communication (via iridium network). Precision landing: GPS to guide the drone to the proximity of the launch pad. Final stage precision landing is achieved using the IR-LOCK board and camera that is integrated into the drone

It is possible to rent a turn-key service, including the launch-pad housing, the drone, payload, initial deployment and training at a price ranging from $5000-$6000 per month.

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