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The DelAgua expansion consumables kit is designed to give flexibility and value for money. The kits are supplied with sufficient pads, filters and media to produce 2400 plates for microbiological analysis, which allows for forward planning of testing programmes AND high volume testing across multiple kits as required.

The availability of consumables is a key factor in ensuring the ongoing utility of a kit in the field. Shipping of individual consumable packs around the globe into the areas they are needed can be expensive. Provision of a high number of tests in one pack, with a long shelf life, avoids this additional expense.

In addition, in order to ensure the scientific validity of the results, there should be Negative Controls, firstly to demonstrate the sterility of the petri dishes and media, and also to demonstrate that the manifold has been successfully sterilised, therefore 200 absorbent pads, 200 x 0.45µ filters and 38.1 gr of Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Broth does not mean that you could test 200 water sources.

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