4 Person Comprehensive Case for 4 Days

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KPM Emergency Supplies

Designed to sustain 4 people for at least 4 days using our 5integrated survival systems.

Emergency Case is revolutionizing the way we approach disasterpreparedness. The 5 Kit Emergency System surpasses the U.S. Governmentsuggested preparedness guidelines and more.

Our easy rolling, highly durable, airtight, waterproof casecontains a 5 kit emergency system including:

  • food & water survival kit (96 hours)
  • sleep & shelter survival kit
  • advanced medical survival kit
  • tools & safety survival kit
  • health & hygiene survival kit

The 4 Person Comprehensive Emergency Case has everything youneed for any type of natural or man-made disaster.

  • One mobile case, with the right supplies on-hand, in one location
  • Mini Sawyer water filter to get clean water
  • Real tent, sleeping bags and thermal blankets for maximum shelter
  • 3-5 year food and water shelf life, no cooking or adding water required
  • Surpasses all FEMA and Red Cross suggested supply list for emergencies

The 4 Person Comprehensive Emergency Case was innovativelycreated to save you time and money by taking the “guessing” out of whatemergency supplies you would need in any disaster. If purchased individually,the contents of our case and kits would cost over $2000.00!

Our team of experts spent years on product research, developmentand testing before choosing reliable survival gear so you wouldn’t have to.

Our Emergency Case product lines are the perfect solution forfamilies who want to be prepared but don’t know where to start.

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