19 inch Solar Powered LED Tv System

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Sunpoynt solar Tv is a solar powered LED Tv system that hooks up to any solar battery.Our high quality 19 inch LED Digital solar powered Television system enables off-grid rural communities access real-time entertainment , access to agricultural content,news,information,education ,in-house solar lighting and ability to recharge their phones anytime anywhere.

• 19 inch LED 12V LED Flat-screen TV.
• 52W mono-crystalline solar PV panel •
10A in-built solar charge controller.
• 2 x 3W LED light bulbs.
• 500mA USB port for charging cell phones.
Works with normal car or solar battery models ,all sizes where the bigger the battery size ,the more hours of viewership.

Watch television with Sun Power
• Charge upto 7 Cell phones simultaneously.
• 2 x 3W LED solar bulbs for clean in-house lighting replacing unhealthy candles and kerosine lamps.
• Works for 10 hours every night – based on a 50Ah solar battery.
• Can work with digital terrestrial decoder or satellite decoder.
• A recycled car battery can be used.

Solar panel: >20 years.
• LED bulb/tube: 12years
• Controller: >12 years.

Box Contect
•1 unit 19" tv set with remote control and remote dry cells
• 2x 3W LED solar bulbs and connection 5m cables.
• 1 unit of 500mA cell phone charger for almost all cell phone types
• 1 pc of 52 W solar panel with cable and mounting bracket.
• 1 unit of 10A charge controller with power clips for the battery.
• 1 complete multi-tool with light screwdriver and level.
1 pc of compass. complete set of decoder connection cables.
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